Thank you for checking out FindingYourOne.com!

FindingYourOne.com is a new and different kind of dating site. We have addressed some of the issues we all have experienced while using other sites. We have developed a unique approach to online introductions (that is really what we do) that will improve your experience and help you make a connection here on FindingYourOne.com.

How are we different?

Let’s face it: Life is busy. Just keeping up with your job, an occasional meet up with friends or family, daily chores and oh yes, let’s not forget a meal or two, takes up most of your day. And you still haven’t added sleep into the equation. So how do you work a relationship into your life especially when you haven’t already met someone? It used to be that you would go to some type of gathering… maybe dinner at a friend’s house or a party, and you might just “click” with one of their guests. But who has time for that today?

At Finding Your One, you can think of us as the friend who will introduce you to people who may peak your interest. We know you based on the information you provide to us. But we also warn you that being too picky and setting the bar too high, may just eliminate that perfect person. Be open to all kinds of people with various interests and only eliminate or put a red “X” on those qualities that are absolute deal breakers. When you are ready, we make the introduction for you. But two-way communication is through our site and can only begin if you both agree. It has to be a two-way street. And your true identity is always safe with us. Your anonymity remains in place until you are ready to meet face-to-face.

We know you’re busy and don’t like the conventional dating sites that show your picture to thousands of people, many of whom are scammers, have made up a false profile, are married or quite frankly, are pretty scary. Like a good friend, we have your safety and best interests in mind. We are concerned with being the most secure and effective way of Finding Your One.

To sign up, we require a current photo of yourself, nothing fancy, just your basic full body picture in regular street clothing, that displays your facial features well. You can submit a head shot as a second photo, but no other photos are required. Next you’ll complete a basic quiz. Use the yellow dot to mark all the answers about you. Then go back to the top of the page and use the red ”X” to mark all deal breakers. After that, go back to the top of the page and use the green box to pick those items that are really important for you to find in your “one.” Then press “save” and continue until all questions have been answered. It’s as easy as that. The rest is up to your friends here at “Finding Your One.” We will begin to look through all the potentials and send to you the ones we think are good matches.
At FindingYourOne.com we have no membership fees. And searching the member data base is also free. We only charge to open communication between two members who have agreed they would like to meet and for the optional confirmation. (See rates below)
One issue we all face on dating sites is photos. The basic fact is that we want to see you as you look today. We don’t need photos of your travels or your pets. We want to see YOU period. So here is what we are doing… We have 1 picture required and a 2 picture max for your page. The first picture must be a face shot that is clear. It has to be recent, not a photo of you ten years ago.

The second is up to you but it must be a picture of you; a full body shot would be nice. And it needs to be recent too.
The options on your screening settings determine who can contact you. And the nice thing is you don’t have to deal with the unwanted messages. If someone who doesn’t meet your set criteria wants to contact you we inform them that regretfully at this time they do not meet your requirements.
We do want to warn you that setting the bar to high can mean you will miss meeting some very nice people who just might be your one.
Confirmation is a way to verify members are real people while screening out spam bots and scammers. This adds an extra level of security when you are meeting someone for the first time.
When you join FindingYourOne.com and elect to CONFIRM you enter your home address and payment information. You will then be sent a confirmation number via USPS. When signing in you enter your confirmation number and that will add CONFIRMED MEMBER to your FindingYourOne.com page and on all searches.
Confirmation is not mandatory. You can browse all you want to. And you can decide whether you want to communicate with either CONFIRMED or non-confirmed members. It’s all up to you.

Fees (communication fee is charged to both parties)
Open Communication
First you find someone you are interested in talking to and express your interest. If you match their screening criteria as someone they would like to meet, we send them a message telling them you are interested.
Note: you do not need to match their screening criteria if they have contacted you about connecting.
Once both of you agree you would like to make contact, your accounts are charged the one time fee to open your communication. You can continue to communicate with each other through FindingYourOne.com as long as you like at no extra charge.
We have come up with a fun ice breaker using our Android app. We call it the 1st meeting photo.
Using your Android device you can post a picture on your dates FindingYourOne.com page. This accomplishes a few things:
  1. Posts an up-to-date photo for your profiles.
  2. Increases your personal security
  3. Provides an ice breaker that can tell you a lot about your date. Are they having fun, annoyed, just going along, shy or hamming it up? It can tell you a lot.
Post date reviews are just short questionnaires that help everyone else get to know our members just that much better. They are just yes/no or rate 1-10 type questions to tell us a little how things went.


  1. Was your date on time?
  2. Was your date dressed appropriately?
  3. Did your date treat wait staff well?
  4. 1-10 was your date funny?
  5. 1-10 did your date speak to you appropriately?
  6. 1-10 1 = shy 10= danced on the bar